3 Types of Travel Bags and It’s Features – Samsonite Luggage Store

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November 26, 2017
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3 Types of Travel Bags and It’s Features – Samsonite Luggage Store

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The best travel bag brands are introducing latest features & functionality, like as smooth rotating wheels, stretched capability at the pull of a zip, and innovative packing options. Basically, your choice of luggage will depend on the types, style & type of trip you. So there are many types of travel bags are available, you can choose as you need.

Here we are describing three most popular travel bags of Samsonite and its features:

1. Wheeled Underseat Carry On Bag

This Wheeled Under seat Carry On luggage Bag offers the convenience of a very small sized suitcase but in a soft-sided bags. The soft sides mean it’s flexible & can be easily compressed into above sections. The modest yet best design simply fits an outfit, laptop, toiletries and different items, making it best for short time business tours on its an extra bag on long trips.

Color: – Choose from red, black, or purple.

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Best Features

  • Rounded outer shape is suitable for fitting under the airplane seat
  • Large main sections for instant needs, a single amplified pocket and a change of clothes for 15″ laptop
  • Front zippered organizer box is perfect for light, specs, tickets and other fast access stuff
  • Two joined wheels and pull up handlebar make it easy to move the airplane aisle

2. Lightweight luggage bags:

Latest and stylish lightweight, very strong materials are used and being created in luggage bag manufacture.  These types of lightweight luggage are easier to handle, pack, store and lift. And airline luggage cost based on bags weight, so your lightweight luggage can save a lot of money.

3. Spinner Wheels luggage bags:

A spinner luggage bags have 4 unidirectional wheels that easily move 360 degrees.  This agrees the luggage be freely maneuvered in each direction; all while straight in an upright place, putting less stress on your arm and wrist.

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These all are the best type’s luggage bags and its features. As you can see, the Wheeled Underseat Carryon Bag, Lightweight and Spinner wheels Bags that is perfect for the traveler. If you are finding luggage bag showroom and travel bags store, then you should get in touch with travel store and Samsonite showroom in Patna. They can offer all kinds of the bag with the reasonable price range.

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